Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello September.

I'm not quite ready for you yet!

We've been really busy with sorting out house stuff. So much so that, all that is ringing in my head are tiles, taps, floors, stains... you get the drift.

Between that and the usual kids routine, I've also started working out (again!!). The husband probably couldn't bear that I've been lounging a little too comfortably in my couch so he got me a complimentary gym membership for three months.

Every morning before the school run starts, he would nudge me to get up and put my gym wear on... hmpf! who needs another extra few hours of rest when they can bust their chops in the gym? Well... clearly I've fallen for that so I spend almost every morning working out, after dropping the boy in school.

The good news is I feel so much healthier. My muscles are definitely back on track and I'm actually feeling not that flabby. Yay! Which I guess is consolation for missing my snuggling time with my very comfortable bed.

I still have a lot to update so hang on to this space.

I promise I will be back soon!!

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