Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Groundhog Day(s)


We leave to send the kid to school. Thereafter, it's a quick coffee run for a morning wakemeup kick. Then it's autopilot mode straight to the gym.

The workouts have been intense. Weights picking up as the days go by. I find myself grumbling as the reps increase.

Age is definitely catching up. I feel that exercise is more important now that I'm older. The thirties mean more maintenance work than the twenties.

It also means that I've gotta make this a routine. So here's hoping that I'll make this a routine cause the husband just signed on a gym membership for me *gulp*

Wish me luck!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Of Street Food and Massages

Earlier this month, we took the kids off on a short trip to the land of smiles.

We initally wanted a beach vacation but decided on BKK in the end because D and the kids have never been there. It probably helps that they are slightly older and are easier to tote around on a city trip.

We stayed at Novotel Platinum which was really convenient for its proximity to Platinum Mall. I highly recommend their suites. We had such a good stay. =)

It was so so hot when we were there. We were sweating buckets whilst walking along the streets. Thankfully, there were plenty of Thai ice tea to help quench our thirsts.

Those donuts were amazeballs! Light in texture and full of sugary goodness!
We ate a good amount of street food. Perused through the night bazaars. Immensed ourselves in the throes of people in Jatujak. Brought the kids to the Aquarium. And, best of all, we had a relaxing foot rub and back massage every single day to sooth our tired feet. Ah, those were the highlights of the trip!

The kids were such troopers. We walked a lot this trip and thankfully they were able to deal with that and the heat. In fact, the only thing they did ask for was japanese food on the last night. =)

Anyway, here are some of the pictures of the trip.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parenting Lesson #1526377

The almost seven year old has been quite a challenge to deal with lately.

He is, by and large, an independent kid who is pretty easy to raise. All except for his stubborn streak, which I supposed has fallen not too far from the apple tree.

I observed lately that he has been going through a phase of wanting things and then crying when he doesn't get them. It has evolved into a cycle and we (as in D and I) would get really exasperated in dealing with his tantrums.

It gets me all frazzled up especially when I have to nag and hassle him to spend time practising his violin or doing some catch up in his assessment books.

Which I guess, to a seven year old, would be the most boring thing to do at any point of the day.

And the part that really makes me upset is how he would ask to eat or do something specific and if we decline, he would throw a hissy fit.

In a way, I feel we might have over indulged him, unknowingly. He started having little regard for how much things cost. And it's probably time to rein him in.

I was almost at my wits end dealing with his random tantrums when some thing happened over the weekend.

We were out having lunch with friends. He was playing with my iPad when he dropped it in the floor. Complete with a booming loud crack. That shook him up. He knew he was in trouble. We have warned him many times to be careful with his belongings.

I gave him a strict talking to (because I feel he's old enough to comprehend) and his Daddy mandated that he needs to pull out his piggy bank to pay for the repairs.

K has always been pretty diligent in saving. In fact, he leans towards the stoogy side because he doesn't like to take any amount out for any occasion.

It might seem cruel to punish him this way but we know that only by emptying his piggy bank, he would learn that he needs to look after his things. He cried upon knowing what is requested. However, when it was time for him to count his coins, he gamely took it on.

I guess it was a big step for him. We will make sure this is followed through. My biggest regret would be raising 'strawberry' kids. I have faith that we will be sure to bring them up to appreciate the things they have.

And as for the nagging, I've wrote a schedule for him to follow through. It would put the onus on him to work through his tasks and it's easier for me to keep track on his progress.

I've put in place a rewards chart too so that he has a goal to work towards too! So hopefully we are off to a good start.

Parenting is such a mixed bag of nuts isn't it?

Reno Week 1.5

We've finally started reno last week.

We were there on day 1 and the workers had almost had the entire house torn apart.

Prior to this, we actually had a few meetings with IDs and a contractor to see which route we would take to redo the house. We initially planned to have an ID to oversee the project. There were some really good ideas being thrown on the table. However, I think the quotes were very much over out budget. (Location and type of property counts in the quotation too) Therefore, we decided to opt for a contractor to renovate.

We were recommended one by the girlfriend, whose house was done up by him, and after a few conversations, D decided that he would proceed with him. Without an ID, we had to be vigilant in following up.

Fortunately, we have a pretty good idea on how we would like to do up the place. We're also blessed that we have good advice given by our friends who are in the industry. Which really makes things a lot easier in terms of choosing an overall look, color theme and detailing.

The hacking was done really quickly and by day 2, they were busy clearing the rubble. It took a couple of days because the condo stipulated that the contractor can't put a skip in the car park. So they had to push out wheelbarrows of rubble across the road, which clearly took longer than usual.

Initially, when the contractor told me that the entire project would take 5 weeks to complete, my eyeballs almost pop out in disbelief. However, it seems like he is pretty organized and on the ball with it.

I went to the site today and was met with an almost complete cemented living room. So, overall, we are pretty much on schedule for most things.

There's still plenty to do like choosing sanitaryware, settling the blinds, choosing the kitchen appliances and finalizing the laminates. We have a few options in mind. It just all comes down to confirming details.

We will slowly and surely get there. The tiles have been confirmed today, after a slight delay, because of a major hiccup last week. The husband has the girlfriend to thank for helping him out when he gets into trouble with me. She always saves his pretty little bum!

 Can't wait to get this phase done so that we can move onto tiles laying.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zoom Zoom!

Advertorial - All text and opinions are mine.

Has it already been a year since the F1 cars stormed the streets of Marina Bay?

This time last year, we were busy wandering around the circuit with our boys watching excitedly at the stands as the cars zoom past during the time trials.

So imagine my excitement when my family and I were invited to a Formula1 event that Shell hosted at Spruce.

Shell had joined forces with the LEGO Group to launch a new range of Ferrari Collectibles!

What an awesome idea! My boys are big fans of both the F1 and Lego!

Now if you are an avid fan of F1, like the husband is, you would know that Shell has always been a technical partner with Ferrari. For over 60 years, Ferrari has been synononmous with high performance cars. When the very first Ferrari drove out of the factory gates at Maranello, Italy, it was powered and protected by Shell fuel, lubricants and oils.

Needless to say, that partnership has continued on till today. With many championship trophies in between.

To celebrate the race that is starting tomorrow, Shell has launched a series of 6 lego vehicles.

We were given an early preview of one of the cars and you should've seen how the boys' eyes light up when they were handed a package containing the car parts.

There was a little competition amongst the bloggers and we managed to snag third place. =)

Ta dah! Our finished product.

It was all in all a pretty fun arvo. The kids got to hang out with Andy's kids. =)

In fact, it's started a pretty unhealthy obsession where we are currently stalking the release of new models to add to our collection!

So hurry on down to the nearest Shell petrol station to get yours now, all you have to do is to pump $50 of petrol to purchase one model. A new model is released once every two weeks. Check out the Shell website for more details.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello September.

I'm not quite ready for you yet!

We've been really busy with sorting out house stuff. So much so that, all that is ringing in my head are tiles, taps, floors, stains... you get the drift.

Between that and the usual kids routine, I've also started working out (again!!). The husband probably couldn't bear that I've been lounging a little too comfortably in my couch so he got me a complimentary gym membership for three months.

Every morning before the school run starts, he would nudge me to get up and put my gym wear on... hmpf! who needs another extra few hours of rest when they can bust their chops in the gym? Well... clearly I've fallen for that so I spend almost every morning working out, after dropping the boy in school.

The good news is I feel so much healthier. My muscles are definitely back on track and I'm actually feeling not that flabby. Yay! Which I guess is consolation for missing my snuggling time with my very comfortable bed.

I still have a lot to update so hang on to this space.

I promise I will be back soon!!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Jake Turns 6.

My little Jake turned all of six a few weeks ago.

We threw him a BBQ with our closest and mostest. He had soooo many presents, it literally was Christmas come early. The best part was he got to swim and play with all of his little friends and have a massive chocolate cake to cut.

As you can tell, clearly he had a ball... Mr J put his best blue steel impression for us! =)

Happy birthday kiddo!
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