Friday, August 03, 2012

Tag Team

So, I took the entire Thursday off on bed rest. Those drugs are seriously the kicks. I cannot believe how fast I knock out after taking them.

I was hoping somehow that I could still go abouts my day because if you know D, he is quite a busy bee at work. Mostly, I try my best to not let him worry about home stuff and let him concentrate at work during the day.

However, without even saying a word, D took over all the school runs for the day. He told me to stay home and rest.

Thursday is usually a busy day. The boys also have overlapping enrichment classes that require a bit of driving around.

I don't give the man enough credit but if anyone can pick up my slack, it would be him.

We have a shared calendar so he can see all the kiddie activities, which makes it easier for us to know each other's schedules.

He dropped the kids off in their respective schools, dashed to work, then hurried off to pick them all up for their respective classes.

In between, he would text me occasionally to ask how I am.

This morning, he recounted how he hasn't had the opportunity to send Kate to school since she started and how she is the one kid that he did the least for. He mentioned that she had a skip in her step the minute she stepped into school and it made him so happy that she loves school so much. =) Little thrills.

Can't say how blessed I am to have him but I'm thankful that I can count on him when I need him. Simple things like that makes me happier than any gift he can buy. =p


  1. That's super sweet!! Thought he snuck in a mid-day swim with all three kiddos!! ;) Hope you feel better soon!!

    1. Thanks Hun! He did manage to sneak in a massage whilst waiting for the boys! Mommy duties do have it's perks huh! ;p

  2. Aw, hope u got a gd rest and I think after running a Thursday school run, he will know how much you are doing! ;)

    1. I did! But this bug is so strong that I'm still not 100% yet. :( but yes! D is a good partner in crime to have. V thankful for that!!

  3. ain't it great when our doting husbands are wonderful dads as well?

    hope you have fully recovered!

    1. Yes it is!! Cannot parent without him la. it's easier to tag team!! :))


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