Friday, August 10, 2012

Space Planning

5 more days till we collect the keys to our new apartment.

We had an opportunity to visit the place two weeks when our valuer came by. Our agent was kind enough to let us spend some time viewing the place. Can you believe that it's our second time there?

Fortunately, we still like it. Very much so, indeed.

I love the light and spaciousness of the place. The big kitchen that we, unfortunately, cannot be modified to be an open one. The rooms are also generous enough for the kids to grow into.

Most of all, I love that it's a big blank canvas for us to weave a little reno magic on.

(Thankfully, D and I came to a consensus (thanks baby!) to remove the ugly marble flooring on the living area. One that I pushed so hard for because I cannot stand the color. =p D kept insisting that it would cost a birkin to redo the floor. )

D has big plans for this space. He's already bought a sound system. (First thing off his checklist! Can you quote Mars and Venus already?) And he's been busy comparing the quotes that we have and compiled them all on Excel so that he knows which route we should take. I'm very glad that he's been taking charge of this because I cannot imagine doing this alone. I am just busy bossing him around with the ideas in my head and he, urh hmm, just has to execute it.

It's all very exciting and, of course, will cost a pretty penny So we are very careful at where we should splurge and where to save.

From the way the timeline works, I think the renovation works will take about 8-10 weeks, with close vigilance.  Which means we kinda need to start work pronto but we still gotta wait for our contractor to finalize his drawings.

But in the meantime, here's some pictures I've been getting inspiration from online.



  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Thank you for sharing more about your new space! It looks really spacious from the photos! A nice huge sofa will be on the list I guess? Have fun! :)

    - Shirley

  2. I love the off-whites, mauve and earth-tones for rooms. It gives a very clean and welcoming feel. I've not gotten our keys to our new place and we've only been there once.

    1. Yes I'm a big fan of the theme too! Isn't it amazing that we only have a glimpse of the most expensive thing we ever own, before putting our money down? :)

    2. haha, yes! i only got to see a show room which isn't even of the layout we were getting and we plonked down the money!

    3. I always joke that we have more time to think about bags than properties. =)


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