Monday, August 13, 2012

Not So Little Kate - Almost 3!

And just like that my little one is two months shy of turning 3.

Since she's the youngest of three, I've always thought of her as my littlest. She's always the baby of the family. That is, until we visited a newborn that day, when suddenly all thoughts of me just delivering her came rushing back. It's been thaaat long?

She's such a little grown up these days, it's not even funny. She speaks in complete sentences and totally understands everything that we tell her.

Being the third kid in the birth order, she is very independent and is totally capable of looking after herself.

She loves keeping busy. Most of the time, when her kor kors are doing homework, she would insist on doing something too. So to keep her occupied, I bought her coloring books and simple worksheets like writing her ABCs. She's very serious when she does her work. It's normally very neat and immaculate. She also loves her arts and crafts. She loves to doodle or even paint. Which she does with so much finesse and enthusiasm. Above, is a butterfly that she self painted, following a color scheme on the page before.

Love my pasta!

This little one has quite an asian palette. She is rather content with her steam fish, soup and rice. She's also very open to pasta and most things we offer her. So it makes it really easy to feed her. She's still quite a fresh milk monster, and sometimes drives me crazy when she insists on having way too much milk for her own good. We give the kids fish oil capsules daily so she's gotten into the habit of inhaling those as well.

Gosh I wonder how long Mama will let me have this for?

Being a kid of this generation means that she's been pretty well versed in the language of IPhones and IPads. She knows how to work the youtube app, really well, too. Sometimes, we'll indulge her and let her watch a few videos. However, majority of the time, we try to distract her with a book because I don't really want her playing with gadgets too much at this stage.

What's Spot up to now?
Speaking of which, thankfully, she loves to read. I usually borrow a whole stack of books from the library. It's good rotation for her because she would get really obsessed with one book and insist that I read it 3-4 times at a go! So if it's really good, I normally would buy it after. If not, the assortment of books does wonders for her development. She's so good at remembering the stories. Sometimes she would repeat after me, or read along with me. And more often than not, she would giggle at all the right spots. =) Bedtime stories are pretty grand times for us. I still enjoy it a lot.

The little one is quite an early bird. Usually, when we get up to send K to school, she would normally get up with us and wanna come along for the ride. I wonder where that gene comes from because I love lazing in bed for as long as I can. So clearly it's not from my side of the gene pool.

If anything, she has her dear daddy wrapped around her little finger. He adores her! I remember him saying that parenting boys and gals would be the same. WRONG! He has a soft spot for her. She makes his heart sing in a different tune and I love watching the tenderness between them. It's really the epitome of being Daddy's girl. I know, for sure, D would cry when she walks down the aisle. =) Already, he's saying she's growing up so quickly.

As for being the runt of the litter, she's clearly showing the boys who's boss. She's been well versed in the world of boy talk so sometimes she gets really cheeky and retorts them when they try to annoy her. Jakey and her have a tighter bond. They get on like a house on fire but at the same time, they fight like cats and dogs too. It's funny to watch. Kayden is really like her big kor kor. He takes her to her classes sometimes and he makes sure she behaves. Funny how family dynamics work, huh?

She loves going to school. I've heard she's a lil bossy in class too but her teacher adores her. And likewise, she always talk about Mrs S at home too. Every day when I drop her in school, she will skip and hop into the compound. D did the school run when I was sick and he mentioned how happy she was when she was there. =)

That's about it, I guess. It's just a summary of the little fiesty one that I love so much. =) I can't believe she's growing up so quickly.


  1. She's little miss sunshine :)

    1. She is! But she's also miss bossy too! =)


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