Friday, August 03, 2012

Kate's First Sports Day

Looking like a little tom boy!

Little Miss K had her very first sports day last Saturday.

It was an annual affair held by their kindergarten which had kids, from prenursery to K,1 participating in all kinds of gym activities. Since the Olympics games are currently on, the theme was incorporated into the event. It was so cute seeing the kids running with the 'torch'

It was rather warm and humid that day. So she was a little grumpy to start the day off. Thankfully, once she found her teacher, she was quite happy to just hang out with them whilst waiting her event to start with.

The kids sang some of their usual assembly songs to kickstart the event, which Miss K wanted nothing to do with. =) She was just really sooky that day. (I suspect it's because it's almost her nap time as well!)

Off the little one goes!

However, when it was her turn to start the race off, this little one was a pocket rocket. She climbed up the ramp, whizzed past her tunnel crawl and was very quick to finish it off with a beanie bag throw. All these with the encouragment of her favourite teacher, Mrs S.

She was grinning from cheek to cheek after. Seeing her pleased as punch was such an amazing feeling. The gal has some agile skills! Mummy here approves of a sporty gal!

What do you mean I can't eat the cup, Mum?

We had to leave before everything finishes because J had a class to attend. But not before she collected her goody bag which consisted of a new cap and some snacks. Of which, she wasted no time in gobbling them all up! Running must be so tiring. =)

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