Sunday, August 19, 2012

Forest Adventures - a Little Treetop Fun

We did something incredibly fun this arvo with the boys.

Knowing that they have a thing for adrenaline driven activities, I'd booked a session with Forest Adventures, a treetop adventure course.

Nestled in the leafy surroundings of Bedok Reservoir, there are two separate courses for adults and kids. The kids course has 16 crossings and finishes with one awesome zip line. Which the kids thoroughly lap up.

First up, we needed to get them kitted up. A safety harness was placed on each kid, along with a hook that will link them to a safety line all the time whilst they are up in the course.

Next up, it was time to get started! The boys excitedly ran up the stairs to begin whilst we stood at the ground to watch. You would read that it is encouraged for the kids to complete the course on their own. Whilst parents can encourage from the ground. And it was exactly what we did.

Kayden is an adrenaline junkie. As it is, he plays a few sports weekly. Jake, on the other hand, is a not so much a sports person. He only swims once a week. We were worried he might cry in the middle of it. The upside is, his new ambition is to be a ninja! Yup you read right! So we said this was his ninja training 101 course.

Lo and behold, he surprised us with his tenacity. He absolutely smashed the course on his own. We were so proud of the little fella!

(If a kid ever gets stuck, an instructor will come to rescue them.)

The course itself was pretty cool. It's a good mix of easy and complicated parts. The sweetener was the flying fox at the end of the course! All the kids loved it! The time spent to complete depends on each kid. The boys took about 30 minutes to manueveur the course each. You have about an hour to complete but the peeps there are pretty chilled about the timing. (unless it's packed.)

The best thing about sports is seeing the strength that kids possess. And when you go through the different obstacles, you see the teamwork that comes through without prompting. We saw the kids wait patiently, helping each other and taking initiative all on their own. Isn't it great? We can never learn these in books.

It was a litle hot today but the shade of the trees did offer some reprieve. And there were plenty of seats for parents to wait for the kids too. The boys were pleased as punched when they finished! It's was so fun watching them feeling rather accomplished. We all had ice cream after, just to cool off. It was a pretty awesome Sunday arvo.

Note: You are recommended to book online at or call them at 8100 7420. We paid $30 per kid for an hour. You can continue for another hour for $10, pending availability. Good stuff! We will be back for sure. =)

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