Sunday, July 08, 2012

Saturday morn

Spent Saturday morning with the boys at Carpenter and Cook whilst we waited for the little miss to finish her class.

For once,  it was not that busy and we love how quiet and quaint it was for a change. The boys brought along their new Dr Seuss books, (thanks Aunty Bev!) and we had a quiet breakfast, which I really enjoyed.

The bacon and mushroom brioche was so delish that I'm salivating thinking about it. (although I would like three times the bacon on it, please!) I am also quite a fan of their lemon curd and passionfruit meringue tarts. =)

Quite a lovely way to start the weekend off!

Mr Angmoh, pleaed as punched with his passionfruit meringue tart.
Food sharing is an inherited trait in this household.

D and I looking quite comatosed from our 'late' night. - a 10pm movie. *hangs head*


  1. It's so rare to see everyone without Kate!! ;) the food looks amazing and ya 10pm movie is late for us these days too!! *pity-5*

    1. I know!! She's always hogging the limelight. =p *pity five back* hangs head.

  2. Eh at least 10pm movie means you end around midnight. Me? I'm nodding off at 11pm if I'm outside. However, if I'm at home, hehe, I can be up till 2am. Go figure..

    1. Lol! That's true. But it also means I cannot watch midnight shows anymore!! *cries!* I guess there's something settling about being home these days huh? =)


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