Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Actions Speak a Lot

We were running late for one of J's classes today.

He forgot to put a library book in his bag and took 15 minutes to locate it.

I was waiting in the car and my patience was running a little thin.

Whilst waiting, I was conjuring a good pep talk in my head about how punctuality is important, how he should pack his bag, double check it, and how he needs to be more responsible... blah blah.

Just then, when the door opened, I saw him come through, paused, and held the door open for a lady who was walking out with her twins. He was polite and patient.

In that split of a second,  my anxiousness converted to a proud parental moment.

This little action means more than getting a grade A to me. It shows that the words that we've said and the things that we've done have been recognized and incultivated in him.

I told him how proud I was when he got into the car.

(And kept my mouth zipped about his forgetfulness. We'll leave that for another day.)

"We talk about leaving a better world for our kids, what about leaving better kids for our world?"


  1. Such a little gentlemen already at a young age. Speaks volumes about how well his parents have taught him! :)

  2. awwww... i'd be one proud mama if i were you! good job y'all for raising such a good kid at heart! (lol his forgetfulness!!)

  3. i'd be so proud too the day i see my kids do that. you guys make awesome parents!

  4. You did great with your kids, Pam! Really something to be proud of. Well done Jakey!

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Aww he is a sweetie and you are a great Mummy :)


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