Monday, July 02, 2012

Home Shopping at Lane Crawford

Now that we have got to get our engines going for the new place, we have been ferociously looking for ideas to spruce up the apartment.

So we were very fortunate to chance upon the Lane Crawford home store at Pacific Place in Hong Kong. It's a home decorator's gem! If I had a huge budget, I would style my house like what they did in the store. It's sophicated chic with a lot of fun for the kids.

They cover a comprehensive range of homeware from furniture to fancy decorative pieces and even lovely linen water. What I really liked was how they styled everything, from the beddings to the odds and ends like china and such.

D was very taken by the infrared key board which could be synced with our apple devices that he bought one of that. I was planning to get a few decorative pieces (those bed linens!) but decided to hold back until we have a firm idea of what we wanted.

What I did get were these lovely china dishes from the Seletti range. (which has an amazing selections of home decor ideas!) The beautiful fusion of two motifs makes them such a beautiful piece that I couldn't resist. I had a hard time choosing and in the end, I ended up with these two.

So I'm kinda hoping that we would get a chance to fly back there when the apartment is almost set. (Don't tell D!) Fingers crossed.

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