Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here we go again!

So the time of the year has arrived and we've gone full circle on the previously stressful and uncertain motion which is called the Primary 1 registration.

This year, however, was quite a breeze because K is a current student in the school and so Jake, automatically, gets a spot. In fact, the school was very organized that we had all our paperwork done even earlier than the stipulated date and there was little fuss, if nothing, at all.

Seven months into the primary school life, I believe we have chosen the right school for the boys. You would note that whilst academic is important to us, we place equal importance to different aspects too such as sports, music, play time and reading. And this school ensures that the kids have ample time to participate in sports and CCAs.

Whilst the academic portion is probably not as intense as the other schools, they believe that in Primary one, it is more about getting the kids settled in school. Also, it's about making sure that even the weaker ones catch up.

K is doing pretty well in school. (Although he does give me grief at home whilst doing his assessment books.) He's been made captains of a few activities and mostly the teachers do have good things to say about him. He's made quite a few friends and looks forward to going to school daily, which I guess is a good sign, ain't it?

As a parent, I feel that it's not about getting the kids to a branded school. (just for the sake of it) Find a school that suits your kid's personality. Like I wouldn't send my child to a chinese focused school because I know they won't be able to cope. These kids are really only young once. They do need to have a happy childhood. School is a big part of their daily lives so we should choose one that can boost their confidence and gives them room to grow.

Also, always have a back up. D and I thought of a back up school we can send the boys to, should we not get in based on the ballot.  Also, we brought K to the school when we registered but subsequently, for the follow up balloting, we left him home.  We told him that this was a possible school for him and if he doesn't get in, he will go to another school which is just as good. This way we don't build up his anticipation, lest he be disappointed should he not get in.

Read the past stats. Call the schools to find out the odds. And do your math. =)

Good luck, peeps! I hope you get into the school of your choice for your kid.

You can read about our experience last year, here.

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