Sunday, July 01, 2012

Flight Solo

D had to meet with some business partners in HK so I had to take the kids back to SG on my own.

I was ok with that because it's not out of the norm for me to bring them out on my own. Plus, it was easy to get to the airport because of the city check-in.

He had to go when we were shopping at IFC. And I had a moment when I panicked a lil but thankfully the kids are pretty well behaved. From the time we took the MTR till the flight back home, there was no major drama.

They were told that I expected nothing less than the best behaviour till I get home. Or else, there would be no more vacations. And somehow that worked!

So much so that the Aussie ladies seated next to K, were really surprised by how independent and quiet these people are.

I was very pleased. Perhaps we can do this again. =)


  1. Yayy them! ;) do you speak to them in English or mandarin?!

    1. I normally speak to them in english babe! But I would recommend speaking mainly chinese to your lil one. It's a harder language to pick up later, as compared to english. =)


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