Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Firenze Part i

Much as I adored Venice, I was glad to be moving on to sunny Florence. The rainy two days in St Marco has left me a little blue so I was happy enough to hop onto a train southwards towards the birthplace of all things renaissance.

My girlfriends mentioned prior that Florence is a small town. One where we could literally walk everywhere. I was just stoked to be stomping on those old uneven cobblestoned paths. (even with my big draggy luggage behind!)

Our first stop after dropping our bags was surprisingly not the Uffizi Gallery. Instead, we were out searching for a bite when we chanced upon the Museo Gucci. Like everything the Italian brand represented, the gallery was chic and painfully stylish. Did you know that it all started out with a horse saddle?

The museum, though small, was very well planned. It has these postcards that you can collect as you walk through the galleries which will tell you a little bit of their history. It's also our souvenir from our time there. =)

Also, if you have a bit of cash to splash, they have an inhouse boutique which you can purchase exclusive products made just for them. You can't find them anywhere else. *pinky swear*

I would like a study like that please!

How adorable are those embossed sugar cubes??

My favourite part was having a good cup of latte at the cafe.

We managed to rest our travelled worn feet and flip through the generous variety of design books they have on their shelves, which was much needed after an entire day of travel. =)

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