Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Firenze, Cont.

Omg is it only Tuesday?

I'm totally dying for a holiday and it doesn't help that my husband is going away for the weekend. Jealous, much? *cringes nose*

So anyway since I'm on a wanderlust mode, I think we shall continue our italian adventures.

Florence, if you can look past the masses of tourists, is really such a beautiful town to walk around. The ancient florentine buildings fill the city and I stand amazed at the clear blue sky that lay as a backdrop.

Our hotel was gobsmacked in the middle of town at Via Calzaiuoli. Just next to this little beauty.

Outside the Duomo

Since Florence is the birth place of all things renaissance, we HAD to battle the crowds to check out the Galleria Uffizi. In it you will find the grand masters like Bortecelli, Da Vinci. Most of art pieces are vibrant and full of zest.

And when it gets too intense, we went back to stroll along the river bank. and got some gelato, of course!

Ponte Vecchio

And we stopped to admire the florentine houses at the other side of the bank.

Florence is <3. We will definitely be back.

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