Friday, June 29, 2012

A New Beginning

Now that we have signed the paperwork, it's safe to announce that we are going to have a very exciting second part of 2012.

We are going to be moving, yet again! But this time round, it's kinda permanent and we hope to sink our roots down for a bit in a space we can call our own. (Finally! We never move into any of our properties, for some reason or another.)

The search for a new home started when the apartment that we live in was put up for sale by the landlord. After countless viewings, it was finally sold about a month back.  The new owners came by one day and were pretty honest about their renovation plans so I told D to get his act together and start househunting.

Everyone knows that the current property market is pretty volatile. While the volume of transactions have slowed down, the truth is, prices are still holding constant. You will find that most owners are not willing to lower their selling point.

We had a few areas we were looking at.

D had a few requirements.
  • It had to be close the the kids' schools.
  • Not too far from town.
  • Freehold and preferably has a view.
I like high floors and an unblocked view. And hopefully, it's a corner unit. A reasonable floor area so that there's space for the kids to grow and no wastage of space like bay windows. A good sized kitchen was important too.

Shortlisted a few developments and spent a few weekends househunting. I was about to call it quits as we didn't see anything we liked or felt akin to. So I told D that I was happy to just sit back for a bit and perhaps rent for another year.

That is, until my girlfriend, who's househunting too, sent me a link to a newly listed unit.

To cut the story short, I rang the agent to arrange a viewing. We were the first peeps to view the apartment. We loved the space and had such a good vibe. D offered in the afternoon. We gave a cheque in the evening. The agent confirmed the sale the following day. And it's such a deal!

It was the fastest transaction ever. And had such a good story behind the sale too. (but that's for another day.)

I'm really excited cause it's in an incredible location. (It's in the exact stretch that I wanted but thought we couldn't afford.) We are five minutes from everywhere. And we can still afford to wake up a lil later to send the kids to school.

So yes! I'm looking at IDs and contractors now. If anyone has a good one to recommend, I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance. =)


  1. so exciting! we love that area too! can only hope that we can afford that area in future. ;)

    1. can't wait to see your new place too babe!!

  2. OMG! Where at? I still can't believe that I'll be moving into your 'hood right about the same time as you're moving out from there...


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