Thursday, June 28, 2012

Everybody sing, "M I C K E Y M O U S E!!!'

I don't know what is it with kids and Disneyland.

But it really is the happiest place on earth. (for them, at least!)

What makes me happy is seeing how their eyes light up when they step foot there. There's a skip in the walk and big generous smiles all over.

I actually don't mind HK Disneyland because the size is perfect for little kids who can't walk too far. Plus, it's a nice reprieve from the busy urban life there. It's also easily accessible.

Here are some highlights for me.

Lil Miss K is going... "WHAT IS TAKING SOOO LONG?!!"
Seeing the look of pure excitement from the eyes of a 2.5 year old.
Dancing in the Streets!
Toyland was beautiful! They did really well with the decor.

Sent K on his first 'Viking' ride.

Shopping up a storm!!

What I didn't like was how some of the neighbourly tourists behave. They love trying to cut the line using a multitude of excuses and pretences. They don't get the idea of personal space and always (ALWAYS!) bump into you when the queue is moving forward. Don't even get me started on how rude they are. I'm generally quite tolerant but man! You gotta have some ettiquette, people.

I told D that the next time round, we'll try to head there on a weekday. =) Perhaps, we would avoid these unpleasant situations. 


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    i absolutely LOVE disneyland!
    i'm sure not a kid anymore, but my eyes light up too when i'm there. hur hur hur.

    this reminds me that i should totally blog about my trip last year! aiyo... so backdated i am. tsk tsk.;)

    1. Oh you should've seen how their eye lighted up!! I didn't mind it cos I love their cute lil buildings and streets. But not the queues though. :p but yes! Blog your trip, please. We might be heading states side at the end of the year. :))


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