Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HK Snapshot

When D told me that we had to be in Hong Kong the weekend past, I asked if he needed to check his temperature cause we just got back from Europe. Plus, I didn't wanna leave the kids behind for another weekend.
So he upped the ante by suggesting that we should bring them along!

Why not?!

We were just in HK with them last September and so it's just easier bringing them out this time round cause they are familiar with the place.

We like Hong Kong. I do, because I love the food and the shopping. (Oh IFC!!) The kids love it for Disneyland. So hey! We had the perfect equation. =) Plus, they love taking public transportation. It's the biggest thrill for them so it made it even better.

Waiting for Daddy at the bank.
There was some business stuff we had to settle the first day. And then right after, it was vacation mode.

We stayed at JW Marriott this time round. And we loved it. The room was spacious. We had a great view of the Peak. Room service was top notch. And it's in such a convenient spot. Plus, Pacific Place is just next to it. Need I say more?

Man Ho had these egg tarts that were unreal! Sooo good!
This time round,  we yum cha-ed, checked out Causeway Bay, brought the kids to try new yummy food and of course, Disneyland.

There's still so much to do there. Four days seemed too short to be honest.

Food and Disneyland, up next.

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  1. My favourite hotel in HK is the Four Season, right smack next to IFC and the spa is just amazing! A bit of a walk to the nearest MTR station though. Oh and next time you are in Causeway Bay check out the Lord Stow portuguese egg tarts which you can buy from the cafe at Excelsior Hotel. Soooo good! I make my dad bring them back whenever he's in HK.


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