Monday, June 18, 2012

An early morning in Paris

Jet lag meant that we woke up really early (4AM!!) the second morning we were there in Paris.

So we made use of the time difference to face time the kiddos.

It was so good seeing their faces and their usual funny antics. Beats a regular phone call any day. Gotta love how technology is these days.

And since we couldn't get back to sleep after, I got D to wash up so that we could go for a walk around the city.

We grabbed a quick cuppa and a croissant from the corner shop and went on our way.

And breathed in all of the Parisian sights we loved.

It was a wet and cold morning but there's something about the quiet streets with slight traffic zipping past and joggers passing by. For once, we didn't feel the sting of being overly cluttered by the tourist mass. And we took our time to stroll and just soak it all in.

Ponte Invalides
The closest we got to the Eiffel. =)

And by the time we reached Rue Cler, we were a lil tired and wanted to put our feet up so we went to a corner cafe and got a steaming hot Americano brekkie. A bargain as well!! Loved how the day started.

All these for 20 Euros. =)

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