Monday, June 18, 2012

A Day in Champagne

We spent a lot of time in Paris shopping. So much so that the boys got so bored so on the fourth day, all of us took a road trip to Champagne.

We stopped by the town of Reims to get some information and chanced upon a medieval festival of sorts. Everyone was in some kind of pagan wear.

It was the last thing anyone of us expected to see. Like a step back into time. Lol! Still we managed to get some pretty cool toys for the kiddos.

And we went to see the old Cathedral at the center of the town. You cannot miss this cause it's possibly the tallest building in Reims. And it's massive.

With my personal Viking.

We carried on to the wineries and, instead, found that unlike Bordeaux, you don't actually see the vineyard and the winery. Instead, we found a row of Haussman buildings containing cellar doors all lined up in a street. What?!

Turns out most of the wine are produced elsewhere and it was only cellar doors there. You can opt to do a tour at Moet and Chandon for $19 Euros to see the process and visit the manor where the family used to reside but we've been on enough wine tours to go on another one. (Poor D has to skip this cos he was outvoted. =( Sorry hun! )

Instead, we went across the road to the Jardin des Moet where the Moet Family's garden was. It was huge and very pretty, with a big lake in the middle. A little conservatory sits at the end of the plot and back in the days, they had more fruit trees there.

With that, we headed to Ay where we hoped to see more wineries but it was so quiet that we decided to call it a day.

On top of the vineyards at Ay
Funny hey?! I was telling the gals that we are probably the only people who went to Champagne and didn't even sip a taste of it! Oh well!!

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  1. Don't worry, you're not alone. I went to Reims with a massive headache and skipped all the tastings, too. :( But the place is beautiful ain't it?


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