Friday, June 15, 2012

Bonjour, Paris

It's been three years since we last went to Paris.

It was our first stop in Europe then. And I thought it would be nice to revisit again. It was not a difficult choice with the places to see and the shopping to be done. (although it took a lil bit of convincing for the husband to agree cos he likes exploring new places)

However, it turned out that we spent our time shopping up a storm in the city and, therefore, missed out on the museums and landmarks. Truth be told, we didn't really miss it because we've been to most of the places we wanted to see the last time round. And this time, we really soaked up the street culture.

If I may, I would say shopping in Paris is beyond amazing. There is so much to see and plenty to choose from. My girlfriend and I had such a good time shopping that the boys got so bored after day 2 and asked to be excused to go see a flea market.

We stayed at a lovely little boutique hotel near Madeleine. I highly recommend the location because it is within walking distance to both the big malls like Printemps and Galleries Lafayette and Rue St Honor is in the opposite direction. In fact, we didn't take the metro much, which really saves a lot $$.

Paris was cold and wet this time of the year. Which is really strange and I totally regretted not bringing my trench coat. =( But still we managed to walk quite a bit this trip. And being jetlagged, D and I got up early one morning and took a lovely little walk through the city. It was quiet and little tourists were around, which is what we loved!

We stopped by the Jardin des Tuleries when we touched down. A garden at the edge of the river, it's was really lovely for us to rest our feet after a long flight. It had gorgeous rows of trees which line up the edges of the garden, guiding us as we walk along. The green steel chairs were spread out all over for us to sit and enjoy the view of the Eiffel.

A really good way to start our trip off!

Next up, will be the famous hot chocolate most people talked about.

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