Friday, June 15, 2012

Angelina, Paris

It was raining and cold in the city of lights that day and I was looking for a bit of TLC in that muggy dreadful weather. A hot chocolate sounded like a brilliant idea.

So after Jardin du Tuleris, we walked along Rue Ravioli and went in search of Angelina, reputed home of the best hot chocolate in Paris.

It wasn't far and before we knew it, we were standing at the entrance.

We got seated really quickly, which was lovely.

A lot of their customers ordered an early morning tea set which included scones and baguettes and a hot drink. But we already had a bite so we settled on just drinks. D had an expresso whilst I ordered the hot choc.

Within minutes, we each got our beverage. Angelina's hot chocolate is nothing that you've tasted in Singapore. It is thick and strong with a bittersweet tinge. Accompanying it is a dollop of fresh cream served in a separate cup.

I wasn't very impressed but that's because I do like a strong milky based hot chocolate much much less concentrated than the ones that they serve but if that's your kinda thing, this would be totally up your alley because I can taste the quality of the chocolate they use. =)

What, hunni? We didn't bring the kids??

It is also not the cheapest tea place you walk into but just for the experience, I would say why not? After all, we are only in Paris so often that it's nice to always sample what you've always hear about but have not had the opportunity to try. =)

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