Thursday, June 28, 2012


Mornings are sacred commodities around here.

Right after the school pick up, the husband and I would usually head for a morning cuppa.

He's away this week so the school run has been rather lonely.

The temptation to just go home and hop straight into bed was alluring but being such a habitual person, my caffinated inner being always drives towards a cuppa joe. =)

And so I spent this morning at the new Kith outlet at Park mall, with the morning news (oh CHC!) and a takeaway cup of latte.

The morning light was gorgeous. The cafe had a to die for fitout. The morning traffic had such comforting buzz. I had a lovely lil chat with the lady who ran it (and she remembers my name for a coffee card!)

I savoured the quiet moments as I flipped through the papers and sipped my drink. With no distractions.

And I thought, life is good.

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