Thursday, May 24, 2012

PTC Takeaways

Parents teachers conferences are always the highlight of the kid's academic year. For me, at least.

It's when we/I sit down with the teachers to discuss the going ons with the kiddos both characterwise as well as academically.

Having been in this for a while, I sorta knew what to expect when it's my turn at the tiny table. I like hearing tales about the kiddos from their teachers point of view. It's a good check to see how they behave when I am not around.

Evidently, my kids have all got really good reviews about their character and personalities. Independent, sociable, able to hold their own, assertive, obedient are adjectives I hear often. In fact, we don't have an issue with their interaction with other kids and their teachers. It was very favourable.

Academically, Kayden is doing pretty well in school. I guess with it being Primary One, most subjects are manageable. He himself has been putting in the hard yard with tuition and doing extra worksheets at home. He's also the PE captain and apparently he takes his job quite seriously. His teacher has a lot of wonderful things to say about him so we are very pleased that he is liking his school. And doing well at that. So big pat on the back for the fella.

Jakey's a cheery lil boy who likes to socialize with his classmates. He is doing good with reading.  His teacher relates that he is a sensitive boy so she manages his feeling pretty well. She also mentioned that it's good we are doing some work at home too, which is great for prepping him for P1. However, we have to work with his focus span and lots of math practise for the boy. Oh and read chinese books to him too. He's a smart kiddo and the teacher seems to think that he's just this happy go lucky kid who's gonna be a ok. =)

Lil K's teacher adores her so. She talks of how she likes to take the lead when there's singing in the class. She is quite manja and loves to sidle up to the teacher to 'help' her or during mealtimes would ask her to feed her one or two spoonfuls. She's learnt to be nice to her fellow friends cause being the lil queen she is at home, she likes to boss people around. Overall, it has been a good six months this little one had in school.

With that said, this is an observation about how they are outside. They still give me a hard time at home some days. Being kids, they have their different temperaments. And as part of growing up, they too have to learn to draw their boundaries and sometimes they do push it as they mature.

Education in Singapore is tough. Without a doubt, the kids have got so much to learn in their lil age. We inevitably as parents would have to spend a lot of time helping them as they cope with the academic demands. And instead of teaching them to rebel against the system, D & I wanna let them know that it's ok to try their best and enjoy the process. With that, we also let them play sports, have down time, do art and just have time to be silly little kids.

So at the end of yesterday, I asked D how is it that I get the rascals at home and yet they are so great outside and he said well, we probably wouldn't want it the other way.

So yeah ... it's go go go till year end! Gotta keep this engine steaming!


  1. actually, i used to be exactly the same as your kids. i was the perfect angel in school, but an absolute terror at home. hahahaha.... :)

    my relatives and teachers couldn't believe i gave my parents grief 'cos i had such a sweet smile. wah-hahahahahahaha.... ;)

    1. hahaha! Aiyoh these kids do give me a run for my money! I guess being good in school is the least they can do for me. =)

  2. D's right, it's better that they're better behaved in school! It's so great that they're all doing so well. Noey is challenging both at home and in school. Sigh!

    1. Noey is such a brilliant kid. =) But yes! I would take them being behaved in school cos at least i know what i say at home has somewhat sunk in. =p

  3. must be such a comfort to know that the kids are settling well in school and coping fine too!

    i reckon ALL kids know that their parents are the best persons to bully when they are still cute. that's why we always kena the shorter end of the stick.

    1. me too! I've seen kids who are angels all day and then act up when dad and mum come home. =) One day, we will laugh at it when they get older.


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