Monday, May 07, 2012

Port of Lost Wonders

We finally made it to the Port of Lost Wonders last weekend.

Was initially invited to the launch but I had to cancel because I had a lunch date that day.

I was excited to see what was offered because most of the reviews by my mummy friends have been relatively positive and apparently it's great for the older kids. Which is awesome because my boys have totally outgrown the indoor playgrounds.

So we rocked up mid day in Sentosa and found ourselves in close proximity to POLW after parking the car at the beach car park. Major plus point.

At the ticketing booth, each kid got 100 curios ($$$) for them to participate in the various activities organized. But we didn't get to use much of it because we were a lil too late for most of it. But no matter, the kids were too busy having too much fun.

The boys wasted no time once they got in there. Once they changed to their bathers, they headed straight for the massive pirate ship what was the main attraction. And boy! did they have a blast. They could go on the slides for hours and because they are older,  all we had to do was to keep an eye on their movements.

C'mon Daddy. I wanna go home now. ='(

Lil K, however, wasn't a happy camper that day. She was okay with most of the playground but absolutely HATED the sprinkling water. She clung onto D and didn't wanna spend much time at the water park. So we walked around, and found ourselves in the story telling room. She did however had a lil bit of fun shooting water at her crazy brother who was doing the jiggle in front of the jet. =)

After a while, both D and I got tired so we retreated to the cafe. Ordered a lil bit of small bites whilst waiting for the boys to call it a day.

K was just happy to chill out on the bench and have lil sips of our iced tea.

It was a very chilled out day. I found the place a lil smaller than what I expected but the service was excellent that day. And the kids had a great time. Plus, admission charges are really reasonable. So I guess we will be back a couple more times.


  1. She looks so chill in the last pic and love her little polka dot swimwear

  2. Thaddeus is not a fan of water falling on his head from the top too, although he likes to play with water.


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