Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pick One

When you have 3 kids, it's inevitable that people will start asking, which one is your favorite?

I find it baffling cause 1. How do you pick? 2. There are always instances of misdemeanor by each of them during different parts of the day. 3. They are definitely different in their own special ways.

Here's the case for each of them.
Mister K - Firstborn
No 1 is smart and witty. He's sporty and he likes doing outdoorsy stuff. A lil bit more short tempered than his siblings but is totally dependable in a crisis. Just like his daddy. He always ask if he can help me in anyway and loves making friends. He is a sensitive boy and still needs to be cuddled when he hurts himself. Loves nothing more than to tell you about his day. Sometimes I look at him and sigh at how big he is now.

Mister J - Middle Kid

No 2 is quirky and very funny. He says the best one liners with such a deadpan face that we cannot help but break into a snigger when he does. Easy going is his trait and we can bring him to any party and he won't have any issues making friends with the old and young. An emotional fella who tells you what he wants but if you ignore his request, he can *possibly* go into a meltdown. So we listen to what he says and acknowledge his needs. =) Totally my middle child.

The little Miss. -
No 3 is my one and only girl. This fiesty lil fella can get herself into lots of trouble with her brothers at any given time of the day. She's funny, has a sense of humour. Gets a lil shy when she sees strangers. Everyone loves her. She has this spring in her step and is lil Miss Charming. However, when she wants something she makes sure she gets it. Sometimes her stubborness kills me. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

So there you go. My three kids. All different but similar. And they pull a different string to my hear as well as their Daddy's. So I guess that kinda answers the question, yeah?

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