Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Arvo

I don't think I can ever get used to the noise level that three kids make.

It didn't occur to me how loud they were till we swapped my MPV for a sedan over a weekend. After that, I think all ideas to change cars came to a halt cos we do need three rows to disperse the noise.

So this particular arvo,  K got woken up by the loud booms of thunder and she was clamouring for some shelter. Kayden happened to walk in at that moment and he casually picked up 'The Graffalo' and started reading.

The lil one started to peek at what her brother was doing and soon she was sucked into the story too. It helps that it's one of their favourite books.

5 whole minutes of peace. Bliss.

Well till the lil munchkin got bored and started making funny faces. Ah! Gotta enjoy the good times whilst it last.

I guess they don't call them fleeting moments for nothing. =)

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