Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Of Blueberry and Coconut Muffins

I cook a lot at home.

Being the mum that I am, homecooked food is always the best option. We dine in a lot on week days. From brekkie to dinner. It's a lot easier to note what they put into their bodies when you feed them at home.

We cheat on weekends though. I hang up my apron and we all go out for a good meal somewhere.

I always find it amazing that my kids take such interest in cooking.

Whenever I'm in the kitchen, I always have to turn around and hear a voice going "Mummy, can I help??"

I usually let them do little chores  like scoop the rice, blend the stuff or add some water.

Sometimes last week, I had a little pocket of time. So I thought it would be fun for the boys to do a little baking.

I measured out all the ingredients and got them to bake some blueberry and coconut muffins. It's a simple recipe with little mixing which is perfect for kids.

It was quite an enjoyable process because there was little mess and the boys understood instructions. All I had to do was say do this, add that, stir this, let your brother do it. (very important!)

They got their hands dirty with huge silly smiles on their faces. (and they kept dipping their lil grubby fingers into the batter)

All I did was just to put the tray into the oven. Viola!

Once the muffins were out, these peeps were so excited to see their finished products. And each of them walloped two muffins each.

Great stuff! I think we shall do more of such cooking projects. Maybe one day, I'll get lucky and have a meal prepared for me by 'em two!!

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