Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommy's Day 2012

Ya know, after all these years, I still feel I haven't earned the stripes to join the ranks of being an experienced mum to celebrate mother's day.

It's strange. Especially after three kids, I know!

We still do the dinner and lunch dates with our respective mums on the day itself. And that is in celebration of their work with us 'kids'.

This morning, after dragging everyone out of the house for a sunday morning brekkie at the Botanical Gardens, we had a lovely lovely time having a quick breakfast whilst the boy drew me a card. And the two younger ones were busy running around the playground.

After scooping all of them in for a photo, I realise how blessed I am with these three beautiful kids. There are times when I do feel like pulling my hair out with them but most days, they make me laugh and shower me with so much kisses, cuddles and love. That truly, I must be doing something right with them. I probably cannot ask for anything more.

One day, when they grow up, I will look back at this and remember how they were all so little and how all three of them still fit into my arms for a picture. =)

Happy mother's day to all you yummy mummies out there. Hope you have been spoilt silly with gifts, kisses, hugs and lots of love not just today but every day!


  1. you have definitely earned some badges at least! ;)

    happy mother's day, babe.

  2. Happy mother's day to you too, hun! You deserve a medal for what you are enduring this pregnancy! Can't wait to see your lil gal!

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    happy mothers day!
    i like ur comment about having 3 of them fit into ur arms :)

    ur kids really look so well behaved compared to mine. Heh


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