Sunday, May 06, 2012

An evening at Jaan

The husband surprised me with a visit to Jaan for our anniversary dinner.

(I'd handed over the reins of dinner reservations to him lately with the lack of restaurant inspiration on my end.)

I had no idea Jaan was located on the 70th floor of Swissotel. I'd always thought they were still at Fullerton. The restaurant had a mod decor and a spectacular view of the city beneath. It was a pity we sat at one of the tables closer to the entrance, rather than the window but well, everything else made up for that lil lack of detail.

It was a glorious meal. One that we haven't experienced in a long time. It was one of the pricier fine dining establishments in town but don't let the price deter you from trying it out.

From the moment we stepped in, it was perfect service all the way till we left.

I have to say I was rather curious how the food would fare after Chef Andre left to set up his own restaurant.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Chef Julien clearly was immaculate in his choices for the dishes in the degustation menu and every single dish was executed beautifully. No detail was spared.

We opted for the 7 course degustation menu and D swapped the avocado salad for the signature 64 degree egg which was amazing. And I kinda kicked myself for tsk tsking it prior.

You know it's going to be good when a glass container of chestnut hummus with  savoury lentils were served up. Intriguing to the palate that is used to a savoury chickpea hummus, it has a lovely sweet twist with a topping of savoury lentils on top.

(from left clockwise) Hand dived scallop and avocado mille feuille, chest nut hummus with lentils and buckwheat chips, complimentary starters, 55 degrees egg with iberico ham.
From left clockwise:  Trumbetta Zucchini,  Langoustine Ravioli with thai curry soup, foie gras with grilled mango, Grilled john dory with baby calamari.

I was so stuffed by the time we finished our mains that I couldn't imagine how I was going to devour my desserts.

That was when D pulled the biggest surprise on me.

You see, we are not big anniversary pressie givers cause we tend to buy things as and when we need/want it so imagine my surprise when this was served?

Spot the surprise!

I gasped so loudly I think the entire restaurant must've paused in their conversations cause it was pure silence for a moment. =)

The man got me the diamond earrings that I wanted for the longest time.  =)

I was so distracted that I didn't even take notice of the Choconuts that was served after.

But by the time this was served, I was back in form to close the evening off.

It was a very lovely evening. One that I will remember for a while. =)


  1. He is such a SWEETIE!!! And having been around you both, I can sense and feel that he really does love you a lot - gifts and nice meals aside. Way to go D! Happy anni you two lovebirds once again :)

  2. I spot the Canary box! Did he get you the diamond studs? :)

  3. How romantics!! He did gooooood!! ;) and the food looks awesome too!!

  4. See, you really did get both the bag & the studs. ;) It was just a matter of which one first. :)

    Happy anniversary you both.

  5. @Andrea - Aww thanks A. He is really sweet and I'm thankful that I have him. =)

    @Erica - Yes he did! Sneaky fella was in cahoots with the SA there. She actually participated in the whole surprise charade. =)

    @Zhing - He did really well! Much much better than when he proposed! Jaan had awesome food. You should try there when you get back.

    @Yvonne - I did end up with the two, yes. =) Am thankful for the man more than the gifts. Thanks babe!


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