Monday, May 28, 2012

Daddy & Son's Rugby

Erm who are we tackling against peeps?

Last Saturday, we all got up bright and early to head to the boy's school for a game of Parent-Son rugby game.

Naturally, D got nominated for the role! I volunteered to take the new camera out to capture the moments.

Daddies meet.

The skies were so blue and clear that morning. It was summery hot and we all stood by the sidelines cheering both the big and small boys on.

In fact,  you would be surprised to see how talented some of the kids are. Some of them can whizz past the adults like lightning.

Boo Boo!

K got hit on his mouth and had a bit of bleeding but it was no big drama. A bit of ice and some TLC, he was back on form.

Overall, it was a good morning. And it's good to see the progress these kids made in their sport.


  1. the colors from the camera very nice right!!

    i love how easy it is to use too.

    1. The camera is awesome! I really loved the pictures that come out of it!

  2. LOVE the rugby uniforms!! Utterly adorbs!

    1. hee! I call them little bumblebees!


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