Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coffee Snapshot

This morning, we were heading to our usual coffee joint for a takeaway cuppa.
Once the car stopped, the husband immediately turned over and said, "Go. Get us the usual."

I was not impressed. Hmpf! I went.

"Why am I always going down by default?" I exclaimed!

Followed by a "You are so spoilt!"

He then replied and said, "You are spoilt too, my dear! I do the daily wake up calls and the school runs too."

Hearing that he's sacrificing his sleep so that I can have a few more moments of shut eye AND doing the task I HATE most, I opened the door and went off on the coffee run.

It's not flowers or baubles. It's these little things that make us work.

I love this man.

So until I train this little one to do the coffee run, I guess I will be the one going down to get coffee. =)

Eh why am I left holding the macchiato??

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