Monday, May 28, 2012

Daddy & Son's Rugby

Erm who are we tackling against peeps?

Last Saturday, we all got up bright and early to head to the boy's school for a game of Parent-Son rugby game.

Naturally, D got nominated for the role! I volunteered to take the new camera out to capture the moments.

Daddies meet.

The skies were so blue and clear that morning. It was summery hot and we all stood by the sidelines cheering both the big and small boys on.

In fact,  you would be surprised to see how talented some of the kids are. Some of them can whizz past the adults like lightning.

Boo Boo!

K got hit on his mouth and had a bit of bleeding but it was no big drama. A bit of ice and some TLC, he was back on form.

Overall, it was a good morning. And it's good to see the progress these kids made in their sport.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

PTC Takeaways

Parents teachers conferences are always the highlight of the kid's academic year. For me, at least.

It's when we/I sit down with the teachers to discuss the going ons with the kiddos both characterwise as well as academically.

Having been in this for a while, I sorta knew what to expect when it's my turn at the tiny table. I like hearing tales about the kiddos from their teachers point of view. It's a good check to see how they behave when I am not around.

Evidently, my kids have all got really good reviews about their character and personalities. Independent, sociable, able to hold their own, assertive, obedient are adjectives I hear often. In fact, we don't have an issue with their interaction with other kids and their teachers. It was very favourable.

Academically, Kayden is doing pretty well in school. I guess with it being Primary One, most subjects are manageable. He himself has been putting in the hard yard with tuition and doing extra worksheets at home. He's also the PE captain and apparently he takes his job quite seriously. His teacher has a lot of wonderful things to say about him so we are very pleased that he is liking his school. And doing well at that. So big pat on the back for the fella.

Jakey's a cheery lil boy who likes to socialize with his classmates. He is doing good with reading.  His teacher relates that he is a sensitive boy so she manages his feeling pretty well. She also mentioned that it's good we are doing some work at home too, which is great for prepping him for P1. However, we have to work with his focus span and lots of math practise for the boy. Oh and read chinese books to him too. He's a smart kiddo and the teacher seems to think that he's just this happy go lucky kid who's gonna be a ok. =)

Lil K's teacher adores her so. She talks of how she likes to take the lead when there's singing in the class. She is quite manja and loves to sidle up to the teacher to 'help' her or during mealtimes would ask her to feed her one or two spoonfuls. She's learnt to be nice to her fellow friends cause being the lil queen she is at home, she likes to boss people around. Overall, it has been a good six months this little one had in school.

With that said, this is an observation about how they are outside. They still give me a hard time at home some days. Being kids, they have their different temperaments. And as part of growing up, they too have to learn to draw their boundaries and sometimes they do push it as they mature.

Education in Singapore is tough. Without a doubt, the kids have got so much to learn in their lil age. We inevitably as parents would have to spend a lot of time helping them as they cope with the academic demands. And instead of teaching them to rebel against the system, D & I wanna let them know that it's ok to try their best and enjoy the process. With that, we also let them play sports, have down time, do art and just have time to be silly little kids.

So at the end of yesterday, I asked D how is it that I get the rascals at home and yet they are so great outside and he said well, we probably wouldn't want it the other way.

So yeah ... it's go go go till year end! Gotta keep this engine steaming!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Of Blueberry and Coconut Muffins

I cook a lot at home.

Being the mum that I am, homecooked food is always the best option. We dine in a lot on week days. From brekkie to dinner. It's a lot easier to note what they put into their bodies when you feed them at home.

We cheat on weekends though. I hang up my apron and we all go out for a good meal somewhere.

I always find it amazing that my kids take such interest in cooking.

Whenever I'm in the kitchen, I always have to turn around and hear a voice going "Mummy, can I help??"

I usually let them do little chores  like scoop the rice, blend the stuff or add some water.

Sometimes last week, I had a little pocket of time. So I thought it would be fun for the boys to do a little baking.

I measured out all the ingredients and got them to bake some blueberry and coconut muffins. It's a simple recipe with little mixing which is perfect for kids.

It was quite an enjoyable process because there was little mess and the boys understood instructions. All I had to do was say do this, add that, stir this, let your brother do it. (very important!)

They got their hands dirty with huge silly smiles on their faces. (and they kept dipping their lil grubby fingers into the batter)

All I did was just to put the tray into the oven. Viola!

Once the muffins were out, these peeps were so excited to see their finished products. And each of them walloped two muffins each.

Great stuff! I think we shall do more of such cooking projects. Maybe one day, I'll get lucky and have a meal prepared for me by 'em two!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nylon Coffee Roasters

We are so pleased that Dennis, who used to be from Papa Pelheta's, has set up shop with his missus.

Located at the quiet city fringe at Everton Park, is a little take away joint tucked in the HDB estate. But on that one Sunday arvo we were there, it was packed. There is a good flow of traffic where the process of order, sip, short chat and pay is the call of the day.

It is a cozy corner and the peeps are friendly. He's spent a few months on the road visiting the various coffee producers to source out his best beans. There is no one better to talk coffee with.

Although their business is primarily roasting, we still find that they serve the best cuppa in town. Silky smooth coffee that is not acidic to the tastebuds.

We are just happy that he's back in the biz. =)

Nylon Coffee Roasters
4 Everton Park

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best Corn Fritters Ever

I believe my love for corn fritters started at Bills in Sydney. We were there on one of our short trips from melbourne and hopped in there for brekkie.

Since then, I've always ordered them whenever I see them on the menu. Cafe Zucchini in Bali has one of the better ones out there. I would probably pass on the ones at Bronte in Greenwood.

I've tried several recipes but this one takes the cake. It's got a lovely consistency and there isn't a flour-y taste to it. Which is very important to me.

This recipe is so simple and it is delicious because it uses fresh corn so it crunchy and has a natural sweetness to it. It makes a whole of a difference than canned corn which is really soggy. Also, most of the things are from your pantry so it's quite easy to put together.

Ingredients - Makes about 6-8 pancakes.
1 Cup Self raising flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
100g of cream cheese
corn off 3 cobs
coriander - a handful chopped.

  1. Combine the flour, eggs, milk and cream cheese in a mixing bowl. 
  2. Stir to get a smooth consistency.
  3. Add corn and coriander.
  4. Heat the frying pan. Add oil
  5. Put a dollop (about 1.5 table spoons) of the mixture into the pan. Flip after 1 minute.
  6. Serve with bacon or flaked salmon. I like to add japanese mayonaise and thai chilli sauce to it 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coffee Snapshot

This morning, we were heading to our usual coffee joint for a takeaway cuppa.
Once the car stopped, the husband immediately turned over and said, "Go. Get us the usual."

I was not impressed. Hmpf! I went.

"Why am I always going down by default?" I exclaimed!

Followed by a "You are so spoilt!"

He then replied and said, "You are spoilt too, my dear! I do the daily wake up calls and the school runs too."

Hearing that he's sacrificing his sleep so that I can have a few more moments of shut eye AND doing the task I HATE most, I opened the door and went off on the coffee run.

It's not flowers or baubles. It's these little things that make us work.

I love this man.

So until I train this little one to do the coffee run, I guess I will be the one going down to get coffee. =)

Eh why am I left holding the macchiato??

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommy's Day 2012

Ya know, after all these years, I still feel I haven't earned the stripes to join the ranks of being an experienced mum to celebrate mother's day.

It's strange. Especially after three kids, I know!

We still do the dinner and lunch dates with our respective mums on the day itself. And that is in celebration of their work with us 'kids'.

This morning, after dragging everyone out of the house for a sunday morning brekkie at the Botanical Gardens, we had a lovely lovely time having a quick breakfast whilst the boy drew me a card. And the two younger ones were busy running around the playground.

After scooping all of them in for a photo, I realise how blessed I am with these three beautiful kids. There are times when I do feel like pulling my hair out with them but most days, they make me laugh and shower me with so much kisses, cuddles and love. That truly, I must be doing something right with them. I probably cannot ask for anything more.

One day, when they grow up, I will look back at this and remember how they were all so little and how all three of them still fit into my arms for a picture. =)

Happy mother's day to all you yummy mummies out there. Hope you have been spoilt silly with gifts, kisses, hugs and lots of love not just today but every day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Arvo

I don't think I can ever get used to the noise level that three kids make.

It didn't occur to me how loud they were till we swapped my MPV for a sedan over a weekend. After that, I think all ideas to change cars came to a halt cos we do need three rows to disperse the noise.

So this particular arvo,  K got woken up by the loud booms of thunder and she was clamouring for some shelter. Kayden happened to walk in at that moment and he casually picked up 'The Graffalo' and started reading.

The lil one started to peek at what her brother was doing and soon she was sucked into the story too. It helps that it's one of their favourite books.

5 whole minutes of peace. Bliss.

Well till the lil munchkin got bored and started making funny faces. Ah! Gotta enjoy the good times whilst it last.

I guess they don't call them fleeting moments for nothing. =)

Monday, May 07, 2012

Port of Lost Wonders

We finally made it to the Port of Lost Wonders last weekend.

Was initially invited to the launch but I had to cancel because I had a lunch date that day.

I was excited to see what was offered because most of the reviews by my mummy friends have been relatively positive and apparently it's great for the older kids. Which is awesome because my boys have totally outgrown the indoor playgrounds.

So we rocked up mid day in Sentosa and found ourselves in close proximity to POLW after parking the car at the beach car park. Major plus point.

At the ticketing booth, each kid got 100 curios ($$$) for them to participate in the various activities organized. But we didn't get to use much of it because we were a lil too late for most of it. But no matter, the kids were too busy having too much fun.

The boys wasted no time once they got in there. Once they changed to their bathers, they headed straight for the massive pirate ship what was the main attraction. And boy! did they have a blast. They could go on the slides for hours and because they are older,  all we had to do was to keep an eye on their movements.

C'mon Daddy. I wanna go home now. ='(

Lil K, however, wasn't a happy camper that day. She was okay with most of the playground but absolutely HATED the sprinkling water. She clung onto D and didn't wanna spend much time at the water park. So we walked around, and found ourselves in the story telling room. She did however had a lil bit of fun shooting water at her crazy brother who was doing the jiggle in front of the jet. =)

After a while, both D and I got tired so we retreated to the cafe. Ordered a lil bit of small bites whilst waiting for the boys to call it a day.

K was just happy to chill out on the bench and have lil sips of our iced tea.

It was a very chilled out day. I found the place a lil smaller than what I expected but the service was excellent that day. And the kids had a great time. Plus, admission charges are really reasonable. So I guess we will be back a couple more times.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

An evening at Jaan

The husband surprised me with a visit to Jaan for our anniversary dinner.

(I'd handed over the reins of dinner reservations to him lately with the lack of restaurant inspiration on my end.)

I had no idea Jaan was located on the 70th floor of Swissotel. I'd always thought they were still at Fullerton. The restaurant had a mod decor and a spectacular view of the city beneath. It was a pity we sat at one of the tables closer to the entrance, rather than the window but well, everything else made up for that lil lack of detail.

It was a glorious meal. One that we haven't experienced in a long time. It was one of the pricier fine dining establishments in town but don't let the price deter you from trying it out.

From the moment we stepped in, it was perfect service all the way till we left.

I have to say I was rather curious how the food would fare after Chef Andre left to set up his own restaurant.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Chef Julien clearly was immaculate in his choices for the dishes in the degustation menu and every single dish was executed beautifully. No detail was spared.

We opted for the 7 course degustation menu and D swapped the avocado salad for the signature 64 degree egg which was amazing. And I kinda kicked myself for tsk tsking it prior.

You know it's going to be good when a glass container of chestnut hummus with  savoury lentils were served up. Intriguing to the palate that is used to a savoury chickpea hummus, it has a lovely sweet twist with a topping of savoury lentils on top.

(from left clockwise) Hand dived scallop and avocado mille feuille, chest nut hummus with lentils and buckwheat chips, complimentary starters, 55 degrees egg with iberico ham.
From left clockwise:  Trumbetta Zucchini,  Langoustine Ravioli with thai curry soup, foie gras with grilled mango, Grilled john dory with baby calamari.

I was so stuffed by the time we finished our mains that I couldn't imagine how I was going to devour my desserts.

That was when D pulled the biggest surprise on me.

You see, we are not big anniversary pressie givers cause we tend to buy things as and when we need/want it so imagine my surprise when this was served?

Spot the surprise!

I gasped so loudly I think the entire restaurant must've paused in their conversations cause it was pure silence for a moment. =)

The man got me the diamond earrings that I wanted for the longest time.  =)

I was so distracted that I didn't even take notice of the Choconuts that was served after.

But by the time this was served, I was back in form to close the evening off.

It was a very lovely evening. One that I will remember for a while. =)

Plain Vanilla

With the myriad of cupcake stores opening all around the island, I think we have embarked on a journey to find the best red velvet cupcake ever!

So yesterday, we checked out Plain Vanilla. :)

A quaint lil cupcake store in a lil nook at Holland Village.

I liked what I saw. If I could bake that well, it's what I would set up. :) The gals were very lovely and they were extremely charmed by lil K.

I bought half a dozen of different flavours. It was devoured in less than 5 minutes. I loved how 'homemade' it was. The red velvet hits all the right spots. I could easily go for two of those. (That says something cause I have a rather huge soft spot for the ones at marmalade pantry because of the coconut sprinkling.)

They open from 12-8pm(other than Sundays where they close at 6) but I would probably call to see what is available if you are heading down in the later part of the day cause they were all sold out when I visited on Friday.

 Will definitely come back again to get some more for the kiddos!

Plain Vanilla
34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village,
Singapore 277691
PHONE (65) 6465 5942
Closed on Mondays

Friday, May 04, 2012


Is it me or it has been swelteringly hot lately?

The kids have been loving the popsicles from Popaganda. Made of 75% fruit juices and no sugar, it is what the husband endorses and for the first time, he's happy to let the kids indulge in their favourite snack.

How does mango coconut, lemon olive oil, avocado with cocoa dips sound?

They are stocked in several places around town. We like to get ours from Loysels Toy or Strangelets at Tiong Bahru.

You can check them out here.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pick One

When you have 3 kids, it's inevitable that people will start asking, which one is your favorite?

I find it baffling cause 1. How do you pick? 2. There are always instances of misdemeanor by each of them during different parts of the day. 3. They are definitely different in their own special ways.

Here's the case for each of them.
Mister K - Firstborn
No 1 is smart and witty. He's sporty and he likes doing outdoorsy stuff. A lil bit more short tempered than his siblings but is totally dependable in a crisis. Just like his daddy. He always ask if he can help me in anyway and loves making friends. He is a sensitive boy and still needs to be cuddled when he hurts himself. Loves nothing more than to tell you about his day. Sometimes I look at him and sigh at how big he is now.

Mister J - Middle Kid

No 2 is quirky and very funny. He says the best one liners with such a deadpan face that we cannot help but break into a snigger when he does. Easy going is his trait and we can bring him to any party and he won't have any issues making friends with the old and young. An emotional fella who tells you what he wants but if you ignore his request, he can *possibly* go into a meltdown. So we listen to what he says and acknowledge his needs. =) Totally my middle child.

The little Miss. -
No 3 is my one and only girl. This fiesty lil fella can get herself into lots of trouble with her brothers at any given time of the day. She's funny, has a sense of humour. Gets a lil shy when she sees strangers. Everyone loves her. She has this spring in her step and is lil Miss Charming. However, when she wants something she makes sure she gets it. Sometimes her stubborness kills me. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

So there you go. My three kids. All different but similar. And they pull a different string to my hear as well as their Daddy's. So I guess that kinda answers the question, yeah?
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