Monday, April 16, 2012

Sights of HCM

HCM is quite an interesting town to explore.

Because they were occupied by the French for a period of time, their architecture has a strong influence by their heritage. Most of the buildings are low rise so you really only see three sky scrapers there.

It was real good fun walking around exploring the city.

We took a short trip out to see the Wind and Water Cafe which was an hour away. It's built entirely on bamboo which was amazing but it's incredibly boring. So we had a quick coffee before hopping back to the city in a cab. =)

The new Hotel Con

City Hall

We spotted a street stall selling intricate cards

Look at the detailing

Opera House
Looking like the French Riviera

An hour out of HCM is the Wind and Water Cafe

Made entirely of bamboo

Group shot!


  1. HCMC looks amazing. glad you had fun! have been following your blog for abit (from princess zhing) - added you to my blog roll if that's ok :)

  2. Sure! Thanks for reading. :))


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