Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sight Words

Any parent in SG would know that by the time the child enters Primary 1, they are expected to read and write basic words, do simple calculations and speak a second language.

The Principal at K's school mentioned that reading is very important to kids.It serves a dual purpose. When you are able to read, you can understand and solve mathematical problems as well.

So Jake is going to join his korkor in his school next year so I thought I beter make sure he's up to par with his reading.

I was introduced to a term called Dolch words. It is a list of 300 sight words that are common repeated in the English text. Something like a foundation of sorts.

The boy is already attending phonetic classes so he can sound words out based on their sounds. Dolch words, sometimes, cannot be pronounced with phonetics so he struggled a little with it.

I printed out over 200 flash cards and laminated them (yes I went to buy a laminating machine for this) all to get him accustomised to the words.

What we do is I would go from the elementary level and we would run through the words to the advanced ones. What he is not familiar with, I would take it out and run through it with him again.

I try to do this on a daily basis as the more he sees it, the more familiar he is with the words.

There are plenty of ways to learn through play with these flash cards. Sometimes, I pull those cards out to play 'create a sentence' with him. Or I pull random cards for him to flip and guess.

Overall, I can see the vast improvement in him as we read these days. I'd printed out the story where there are 220 dolch words in there and the boy was able to read them all.

There are plenty of resources online. You can google dolch words and explore. Alternatively, a good start would be the Peter and Jane series by Ladybird. =)


  1. We are trying with Peter & Jane series, but this flashcards thingy look like a good activity too!

  2. going to bookmark this! ;)


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