Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Singapore has become such a hub for foodies.

From the multitudes of coffees places to good restaurants, we  have quite a variety to choose from these days.

On Saturday evening, we went to  Savour with our friends. Located at the F1 pit building, it is a food fest organised by Appetite. There were plenty of food offerings by chefs locally as well as internationally.

I guess it's similar to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival except that it's a little bit more pricey and of a smaller scale in terms of the food offered.

That said,we had a good time walking around the open area and buying stuff to try. I wish the portions were bigger for the price that was offered but overall, we had a good time seeing the extensive exhibits that they offer.

Every ticket will give you some savour dollars to spend. We had 30 dollars per ticket which was spent pretty quickly. =)

We walked around the different exhibits after and had quite an enjoyable time seeing what was offered. The free wine tasting were exceptional as well as the different produces sold by the artisan producers around the world.

Anyhoo, here's what we had, food wise.

Wagyu Carppacio by Gunther's

Gunther's infamous cold pasta. Yumz!

Bo Innovation's Molecular Xiao Long Bao

Har mee by Bo Innovations

Me and my gal, D.


  1. I went to Savour event on the friday in the afternoon..but I think your experience looked so much better. It was raining so heavily, and my friends and I could not do much tasting around the gourmet booths, and all I did was spending almost 70 on gourmet cheese in the 2nd floor marketplace in the end :(

  2. Aww what a bummer! I was so worried we would get rained out too! Thankfully the weather held up.


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