Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kate Speaks #734895

Lil K is at a stage where she's poking her lil nose into our daily going ons.
Here are a few things she's chattered on lately.

Scenario - I took my shoes off in the car. (which is a 'supposed' no no)

K: Mummy, you take off shoes.
Me: Oh!
D : (in a teasing voice) Should I beat Mummy?
K: NO! Mummy put on shoes. NOW.

Princess talk is also all serious business.
Me: Who's the princess?
K: Me!
Me: No it's me! Mummy's the princess.
K: No it's me. I'm the princess.
Me. No it's Mummy.
K turns to Daddy and says: Daddy's the princess. =)

Whilst getting into the car and being strapped onto her car seat.
K: So Mummy? Are we going to Bali now?

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