Sunday, April 08, 2012

Ho Chi Minh

Hello from Saigon!

We are here for the Easter weekend with our bunch of mad friends.

It has been eat eat eat non stop. And we have been very fortunate to have H as our unofficial translator. If not, we surely would have problems getting around.

It's been really fun and a total stress relief from the daily going ons.

This morning we were cramped like a tourist can of sardines to the cu chi tunnels.

Meanwhile, my babies are all being looked after by the parentals. Lil ms K is mad with her mama and daddy for leaving her behind. I guess we will sort that out when we get back.

More on the trip when I get back.


  1. Melissa1:28 PM


    I'm a long time closet reader of your blog from Sydney, and love living vicariously through you. I'm thinking of going to Vietnam and am wondering where you stayed at during your trip. Could you recommend it? Thanks.


  2. Hi! We stayed at the A &Em hotel across Ben Tanh market. It was ok. But mid range. But it is convenient where it is! :) have fun!

  3. Melissa1:32 AM



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