Monday, April 30, 2012

Good times...

Dear Baby,

It's hard to believe that seven years ago we were just about to say our vows and make the biggest commitment of our lives.

Really, where did the time go?

Everytime I think about us, I think about how we met and came to be together. How we went through being young parents and survived at all that life had thrown at us. And how you were always working so hard to provide and never once complained about the long hours.

It wasn't the easiest of times but hey! we kinda made it work. I know it's because you really love our lil family and it's something you hold so dear to your heart.

Even now, you still work your bum off to make sure we have more than enough for the dinner table. You always  make sure that we still go on dates and trips alone. And you will always step up to help me with the kiddos when I have other engagements.

Without a doubt, looking at our three kids we have come a really long way. In more ways than one, they are a constant reminder that we need to maintain a good marriage so that we can be better parents.

I guess this is not really a love letter but more of a reflection of our years together. =)

That said, I still find myself smiling secretly when I think of you during the day. And whenever you manage to find a way to be home before me, I always wanna rush home to see you. My heart skips when we go for a lunch date. So safe to say, I think I'm still crazy about you. I love how we always laugh and say silly things when we are together.

To say that I feel blessed is an understatement. My world would not be complete without you.  I thank God everyday that I have with you. Life has been really awesome with you, babe!

Happy Anniversary, my dear!!

I've still got my eyes on you!


  1. Arw this is such a sweet post :) likey!
    D is indeed very sweet towards u and such a loving dad and husband! Happy anni u two and many fabulous years ahead! xo

  2. You have such a lovely family (with the cutest kids!), you guys are very blessed indeed. Happy anniversary you 2 lovebirds!

  3. Thanks gals. I think we are lucky to have the partners that we do. =) Gotta count my blessings for the big guy. =)

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Happy Anniversary!
    Only 7 years?! wow, that's a lot u have achieved in only 7 years!!

    makes me feel like having another kid too.. hahaha!

  5. @thru e rain - Lol! Three kids are quite fun! But wait for a while! you still have two kiddos so young. =)


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