Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eat Vietnam

Best Viet Baguette at District 8!
Ho Chih Minh, a town full of an endless stream of motorcycles where you weave in and out of the onslaught just by trying to cross a road. One filled with such tragic history, french architecture and an abundance of delicious street food.

Oh how unexpectedly we ended up falling in love with you!

Four days and we managed to cover so much ground gastronomically that I'm sure all six of us came back home with an expanded appetite & an enlarged gut!

All those years living in Melbourne has only made us appreciate the goodness of vietnamese cuisine which extends way past their signature pho. Not to mention, we've also experienced the heavenly tastes that come out of our friend's mum's kitchen. I would tell you that those vietnamese housewives can really cook!

Waiting for our sugar cane juice.
So as we pounded the streets, we sat in those tiny stools (sqitting is the new term. Squat cum sit!) to savour what the street hawkers had to offer.

I know many people get freaked out by street food but, really, it's the only way to experience a country. We had an amazing time experiencing the hawker fare and none of us had any tummy troubles at all.

My favourite drink from the street is their sugar cane juice which they squeeze green orange juice into. OMG! It was beyond delicious. We had a few cups every day!

And here's  the rest of what we had.

An assortment of street fare.
Her carrot cake was amazing. Crispy!

Awaiting our patty baguette or Banh Mi


Chwee Kway

Crab Vermicelli Soup

This hawker stall had macaroni, porridge and noodles soup. It was delish!!

Chwee Kway and Carrot Cakes


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