Monday, April 02, 2012

Date Night

D and I had a few rough days last week. (Separately, thank God!)

So one evening midweek, we left the kids to my mum who was babysitting and headed out for a dinner date.

We caught up over wine and good tapas down at Esquina - where the service is always great and food was delish.

Thank goodness for times like this because we had time to have adult conversation and time to just enjoy each other's company.

D and I always value couple time. I love that we put each other first before the kids. Cos we treasure the fact that when the kids are grown, we would still want to be in love with each other.

With our lives surrounding the kids, these date nights are our pockets of sanity. We have a glass of wine. We hold hands. We spend time listening to each other's thoughts.

And we always go home happy. Which makes parenting great because happy parents = happy kids.

Typically, we do this once a week because the kids are grown and we don't have to rush home now. Which I guess is one of the better things of them growing up.

I highly recommend this because it's a win win situation for us and the kids. The kids get unadulterated attention from their grandparents, where they indulge them in their every whim - which we parents don't do.

So, yeah, if you are super stressed and swamped with kids and need a break, go and have a night off with your spouse. Your kids will thank you for it.

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  1. we used to have date nights every Friday when i was still a SAHM. my folks would take over on Friday nights so that we could go out.

    now that they are taking Thaddeus every day, i paisey to make them look after after i return from work. bo bian..gotta give up on our date nights.


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