Friday, April 13, 2012

Coffee Viet Style

 The peeps and us are avid coffee drinkers.

We spend many a weekends around the different coffee joints back in Melbourne and now in SG.

So when in HCM, the coffee was essential to keep us going as well.

Drip coffees are common and aplenty. In fact, if you order an ice coffee, chances are it would be come metal drip container. You wait for it to finish before pouring it into a glass of ice.

The best part of coffee drinking in HCM. People watching. You sit in their short tables and chairs whilst doing it. It's good fun sitting there chatting and watching the crowds go by.

Life is good this way.

Ah I miss my vacation already.

Us at Cafe Vy waiting for the boys


Mafia style gathering


  1. Oh I miss their coffee soooooo much!! ;) it's just different, huh?

  2. It is and it's super strong too. But I really enjoy it cos of the people watching as well. :))


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