Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bringing Home Birkin

My husband spoils me.

I know because he would often buy me things before thinking of indulging in something himself but this one, oh my, this one totally takes the cake.

So I have been lemming a certain bag for a really long time.

Over the years, I've got quite a collection of all the different designer bags out there. (It's a terrible habit, my bank account will tell you!)

But the one thing that I've always coveted is... the Birkin.

Seriously, this bag has eluded my hands a few times. Once because we just moved back, I had to say no to the one offered because we were bogged down with several commitments.

I'd left it be after because I didn't think I would put down the $ for a bag like that so soon. (And weeped for ages after. =( )

But my husband has always been my number 1 cheer leader. Seriously.

He's always said that I will get my birkin someday.

And guess what?

Lil Miss Pink
Tadah! The man did not even blink when he bought it. Isn't he such a darling?

It's the luscious 35 Rose Tyrien Epsom birkin that is too gorgeous in real life. It's such a lovely pop of color to my outfit and I adore it sooo much. It is structured and really easy to maintain.

Thankfully, it is also pretty light so I can lug it around town without feel the ache in my arm.

Now I just hope this doesn't start a serious obsession with birkins. I don't think my husband's heart can take it. *wink*

Thank you babe!  (And thank you D!)


  1. :) Every woman wants a birkin.

  2. The pink is so lovely!


    timely bag present when you no longer have to lug around a huge bag filled with diapers and whatnots for the kids.

  4. olimomok8:26 PM

    Very pretty! I just read Bringing Home the Birkin and really enjoyed it - go read it if u haven't :)

  5. @lil snooze - Heh! At least one birkin la. =)

    @kennytricia - Thanks! I <3 it. It's quite a fun color to bring out.

    @missustay - that is true, babes! It is really good timing. All I have to do is to stay unpregnant. *fingers crossed*

    @olimomok - Ah! I've changed the title of this post! Was thinking of how I'm going to name it. =) Will go buy the book. I've been hearing a lot about it.

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Nice! Could you say where the gorgeous dress is from?

  7. @anon - it's from aijek. :)


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