Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Our last trip to Ubud only had us visiting Ibu Oka - the tourist joint for the infamous babi guling.

So this time round, we thought we'll make it right.

We got a driver for a day. I guess he thought we wanted to do touristy things like visit temples, the monkey forest and such. When he said that the first stop was at a clothing factory.. All alarm bells went off.

And immediately I exclaimed, "NO!" haha! And got him to drop us in the middle of the town so that we could start exploring it on our own.

I never got the hype about Ubud, even though a galfriend says she can spend days and days there.

But this time round, we did have a lovely time exploring the little hilly town.

We spent time lounging around the cafes, shopping in the lil shops around where they have good organic products, ate some of the best cupcakes ever and had a spa treatment where even kids had their own massages, before finishing up with an awesome dinner of ribs. Yumz.

Here's a few places we patronised.

Localista was this little cupcake store at Jln Suweta. It's a blink and you will miss it kind of place. Located next to a photography gallery, it is this laidback cafe that serves simple baked goods and drinks.

The highlight of the store is their cupcakes which are so divine! Those cupcakes which are baked several times a day are one of the best ones we ever had. Made without commercial colourings, it definitely tasted of homemade goodness. In fact, we liked them so much, we tried every single flavour they had there. My favourite was the green tea. The others liked the boston cream. Don't miss this joint when you are there.

Jl Suweta No 5, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

Naughty Nuri's

The infamous place for killer magheritas and bbq smoked ribs.

Unfortunately the drinks didn't happen cos the kids were there. But those ribs... man... we could have them everyday.

The selling point is the grill right up front when you step into the restaurant. Those whiffs of BBQ goodness makes the stomach growl for the food to be served quickly.

We wolfed down all the food that was served cause we were so hungry after our spa sessions. And it was all good. I thoroughly enjoyed the nasi goreng and the ribs. All washed down lots of iced tea and orange juice.


You must come here at least once.

 Naughty Nuri's Warung and Grill
Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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