Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ku De Ta

So Day 1 in Bali was spent having a really late breakfast at Grocer and Grind before hopping to Ku De Ta for a day in the sun.

That kinda set the pace for the rest of the trip.

Thankfully, our friends had the same idea so we all kinda planned our activities around the kids. Or rather, my kids.

We've always liked KDT. It's such a safe choice for us. It's kid friendly. Has a beach up front for the kids to go wild in the sand. The cocktails are decent and food is pretty good too.

What I did was to pack an entire hand luggage of beach toys, swimming floats, and a good number of swimsuits for the kids.  It can be pretty tough buying beach toys there so I came prepped. And so when we hit the beach, all the kids have to do is just unpack and play. Works every time.

(But if you do forget, then Bintang Mart would be the place to visit to buy the pails and shovels.)

This time round, we managed to get a day bed. So whilst the big fellas were body surfing, the kids were busy digging up a storm on the beach.

Why is he making a mess, mama??

Back at KDT, a mini water slide set up for the kids during the day. The boys had a good time running up and down the slippery slide. Kate who just woke up from her nap was a bit of a grouch so she only had a go once and shook her head when I offered to help her up again.

They also took the opportunity to swim in the pool and made friends with the other kids playing there. Lil K had a wild of a time swimming up a storm. That one is a true water baby.

Meanwhile me and the gal friend were lounging on the day bed and drinking cocktails (well non alcoholic for preggo her). It was lovely. And best of all, everyone was doing something that loved.

A great start to the vacation.

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