Friday, March 23, 2012

DVF for Gap

I cannot resist the ad campaign that Gap had for their DVF collaboration.

Usually, I steer clear of these for kids because the quality is usually quite dispairing but it's just too colorful and bright so I was tempted to get a piece of two for the lil one. Especially after seeing A posing pictures on her website.

Not knowing what the response would be like, I went bright and early when it launched and found a few other mummies scampering around the display set.

What was really surprising was the price point. It is very similar to what is available online.

The thing to note is the sizing runs small. Lil K couldn't get into a romper meant for a 3 year old. Thankfully, I managed to exchange that for another dress.

The lil miss got two dresses in the end. I was happy with the quality. Might hop online to see if I can get her a romper too. =p

The sizes run small. This was a size 4-5!


  1. She totally rawks it!! Adorbs!!!!

  2. She totally rawks it!! Adorbs!!!!


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