Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Big Picture

As a SAHM to three, it is inevitable that everyday is a checking items off a list.

It is quite easy to get lost in the world of school, meal planning, enrichment classes and play dates.

I must admit that I'm on autopilot mode on most days.

However, lately, I have been reassessing the activities that my kids are doing and I realise that generally my reaction to things are immediate and directly concerned to the issue at hand.

Looking back, I was probably worried that if my kid didn't get into this class or do this activity now, he would be left behind. Or has more catching up to do.

This meant that either they got signed into a class too advanced for their learning stage (which I realise after reading through his file that day) or they have too many activities going on.

So like I said, I was reassessing.

I spoke to K the other day on the classes he likes to do. What he understands. Which ones leave him confused. How are the teachers in his class?

So after speaking to him, I've made some changes.

I've pulled him out of his English class. Stopped the art class cause they were more concerned about playing than drawing. Got a private Chinese tutor for K cause he needs help with the speaking side of things.

And I've started to realize that in the whole scheme of things, I might have lost sight of the bigger picture at hand. That they would need to take small steps to get to where they will be as adults. Not do the big leaps that we expect them to.

Kids will need to be kids. Yes they can be pushed to do certain things. But there is a limit.

Getting them to do work that is meant for Primary 5 is incredibly mindblowing, even for an adult like me. How do you get a six year old to explain linear or free spirit?

One day, he will get the advanced side of things. But for now, being in a Primary one state of mind works for me.

As for the other two, thankfully, they have their kor kor as a guinea pig. So I know what to expect and do for them repectively.

We all live and learn. Even as mums. Thankfully, these kids are agile and versatile enough to withstand the changes that we throw them.

End of the day, all this mother wants is a confident and social kid who's smart and witty enough to take on the world. Here's hoping.

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein


  1. Olivia Siling11:12 AM

    i find it's quite stressful to keep "pushing" the kids to learn things that is beyond their age.. which is why i haven't start Ethan on any enrichment lessons.. i find tat the time he spend learning in his pre school now is enough for his age, yes maybe he will lose out to other kids now but when the time comes for learning things for his right age i will surely let him go for some lessons.. so for now i think i will let him enjoy his childhood hahaa..

  2. It's such a catch 22, isn't it? On one hand we worry he's not going to catch up. On the other, you know it's not ok to push them so hard at this stage. Sigh. I'm still finding that balance. But at least I know that he's happy with the arrangements so far. The thing with SG education is so much is expected out of P1s. They need to be able to read by the time they start school. Do math to a certain standard. Tough being a kid these days. =(

  3. Thats how parenting is..we will never run out of things to worry about for our kids. Yet at the same time, we know that we cant be there for them forever, so we need to help them by toughening them up, and developing their resilience.

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