Thursday, February 16, 2012

Luke's Oyster Bar and Chop House

D and I love celebrating anniversaries.

It is a great excuse for us to head out and try new bistros and restaurantss. Eating, being one of our biggest of loves. =p

So to avoid the googily eyed peeps with big bunches of flowers, we opted for dinner on the eve of Valentine's.

He left it up to me, as usual. And so I booked us a table at Luke's Oyster Bar and Chop House.

Located at the corner of Gemmill Street, it has been the talk of the town amongst the foodies blogs. So I thought we HAVE to try it out. The husband, being the lovely person he is, obliged.

And what a brilliant choice it was.

We loved everything that was served. The term 'modern american' is used to define the food served here. I wasn't sure what to expect but my palate was just going wow every time a plate was placed in front of me.

For starters, we opted for half a dozen of oysters. We picked three kinds out of six offered, I think. And they came sitting pretty on a bed of ice with a toothpick indicating the breed that we chose. They were fresh and very luscious. D and I slurped those babies up prety quickly.

Along with that was the pork belly and watermelon sticks. OMG! D lurved it so much, he ate the 2 outta the 3 and didnt even asked if I wanted the last stick before gulping it down. =)  The pork belly was grilled with a teriyaki - styled dressing with sesame seeds and its juxtaposition with the light taste of watermelon makes it so mouthwatering.

For our mains, we ordered the black pepper coated tenderloin and crab cakes. The steak was grilled to perfection with a charred exterior and stilll pink in the middle, retaining the medium rare goodness. It was so good, I finished it before touching my crab cakes

The crab cakes had stunning reviews online. It was chockful of crab meat and its accompanying mustard sauce was just so creamy and tarty, complementing the mouthfuls of lightness of the crab meat.

For sides, we had the lobster mac and cheese and the rosti.

We adore Mac and cheese. And this came with half a lobster on top with a sprinking of cracked crackers. It was soooo yummy. D loved the rosti which had cream cheese in the middle. It was just thoughtful little surprises that D really liked.
We each got a dessert to close the night off. He opted for the chocolate brownie, which was just chocked full of chocolate goodness. It even had pops of marshmellows that just melts in your mouth. My favourite part was the peanut butter ice cream which was just drool worthy. It was very addictive.

I chose the key lime pie. A deconstructed pie with the key lime filling at the bottom and digestive biscuit crumbs in the middle, topped with sweet cream. It was tardy and sweet at the same time. Superbly yummy.

The husband was very happy with the meal. We sat and talked, people watched and just lapped up the good food. The service was attentive and brisk. We liked that. It's what separate a good restaurant from the rest of the pack

Great times. I think we will be back again. This time round, with our bunch of friends.

Luke's Oyster Bar and Chop House
20 Gemmill Lane
Tel: +65 6221 4468

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