Monday, February 20, 2012

Cousins Catch Up

If there's something I'm always thankful for, it's my cousins.

We grew up running around the void decks in Ang Mo Kio and terrorizing the playgrounds near their home. When they moved to the states, we used to write letters to each other all the time. Ever since we were young, we've always had each other's backs and it still holds true even till today.

So since A was back in town for a short trip, we'd make the most of that and caught up over high tea today.

I love time with the girls. There is always much to talk about. Especially with the eccentric family that we share. Gosh! You won't want to hear some of the stories. =)

Sometimes I wish the distance is smaller between us all because, man, catching up every two years is just not enough at all.

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