Monday, February 06, 2012

CNY Day 2 - Kampung Days

Day two sees us taking a road trip up to a kampung 30 minutes near Melaka Town.

The husband's paternal side of the family lives there and we visit twice or thrice a year. CNY is a good time for the kids to play with fire crackers and the husband's really keen for them to experience that kind of celebration in their childhood.

 The traffic was just horrid both directions but thankfully we made it out in one piece, albeit late for bed time.

One of the highlights for us is always the big old house. It's something you can't really find in SG anymore so it's a visual treat for both the kids and us whenever we visit. The tiles. The traditional kitchen with the wooden cabinets. You can't get these anymore these days.


  1. Yes, tehpeng's paternal side is in MSia too and the house looks very similar to what you've posted! And those picture frames hanging on the wall!

  2. @lilsnooze - these houses are like time capsules. :) I think we can only find them in Msia now. ;)


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