Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The New Schedule

So 2012 has been quite a year of changes for me and for us.

With the kids divided into two separate schools and enrichment classes rescheduled, I have been trying to get used to the new routine.

Here's our new schedule for the this year.

0615 - 0630 -  Alarm clock rings. I snooze it for a while before getting up at 630am.

0630 - Kayden wakes up and shower whilst I put together breakfast for him.

0640 - He is changed and sits down to eat. Having lil regard for time, it does take some cajoling for him to finish his food quickly. D & I wash up.

0650 - He puts his food away and have his vitamins. Then he preps for school. It's supplement time for us too.

0655-0705 - We try to leave home at this point. It's the optimal time to beat the traffic in school.

0710 - 0720 -  K reaches school and we walk him to the gate.

0720 - 0900 - D and I will either go out for brekkie or we will head home to zzzz. Sometimes he will go to the gym after whilst I catch up on some sleep. Then he leaves for work.

0900-0915 - I leave for the primary school as I am volunteering for canteen duties.

0930 - 1030 - I'm at the school catching up with mummy friends whilst helping the Pri 1 kids with their recess time.

1030 - I leave for home. My helper gets the kids ready for kinder. And we play a lil when I get home.

1120 - My second school run. It's time to send the kids to kinder.

1140 - Reach school and drop kids off. K is used to the drop off procedure now. We walk to her class. I put her things and then I tell her that she is a brave lil gal and Mummy will pick her up after. Then I'll hand her over to her chinese teacher whom she likes. Plus, it helps that Jake is in the same school. She doesn't cry when I leave these days.

1150 - Me time. I would usually head to town to shop or walk around. Or run my errands.

1300 - I would leave for K's school to pick him up.

1330 - He is released and we dashed to the car to avoid the carpark jam. It is massively slow when you
get caught in it.

1355 - We will either have lunch or I will drop K home and then proceed to fetch the other two kids.

1435 -1510 - School pick up round ii.

1520 - The two younger kids get home and have lunch. Kate would normally take a nap till about 5ish.

1600 - K has classes on some days so I'll drop him off for his class and wait for him. It's play time for the other two kiddos.

1800 - We get home. I prep dinner. Jake would do a bit of work at this point. Sometimes I catch a quick nap cause I am quite exhausted by this time.

1930 - Dinner time! (When my mum babysits, she does dinner and I head out to gym or pole). Then kids go and shower.

2000 - D gets home. Have dinner. We catch up on each other's day. He spends time with the kids. Sometimes he does home work with them if I didn't follow through earlier on in the day.

2115 - 2130 - Kids wash up and go to bed. D would tuck the boys in and I would tuck the lil one in. We read bedtime stories separately.

2200 - D comes out of the boys room. We catch up. Watch some TV or go online.

2230 - Bed time. Simply because it's a 630 wake up call again the following day.


  1. sounds like a looong day every day, but every day becomes so productive!

  2. olimomok10:10 AM

    So much ferrying the kids around - must remind the kids how lucky they are :)

    Will prob be able to catch up with you in the afternoons when I am on maternity leave (mid-Feb onwards)!

  3. I feel so tired reading your schedule! Then again, I do quite a bit of driving too, but thankfully mostly in the morning.

  4. And I thought me managing 2 was a long day!!

  5. @candice it is pretty long. They have too much going on that I really wanna cut back on some of their enrichment, 'cept K who doesn't wanna cut back on his sports. Zzzz


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